About Brimstone Pictures

Brimstone Pictures, based in Edmonton, Alberta, is a film production company on the rise. With a unique blend of genres, including fantasy, horror, thriller, and drama, the company prides itself on creating films that aren’t just visually captivating, but also filled with memorable characters, action, music, and dialogue.

While the recipe is deceptively simple – add professional quality production to character-driven stories which resonate with audiences – from script to screen, it’s all in the execution.

Founded in 2020 by Preston Ewasiuk, David Heacock, and Neil Chase, the company’s first success was the short film, Boneyard Racers. A supernatural adventure inspired by classical horror movies, this tale about two teens entering a fateful drag race on Halloween night, won over 20 festival awards worldwide, including the Best Live Action Short (Alberta) at the Edmonton International Film Festival – and was picked up for worldwide distribution by ShortsTV.

The success of Boneyard Racers led to their first feature film, Spin the Wheel, an ambitious apocalyptic thriller about a group of strangers playing Russian Roulette with the Devil for a chance to save the world. With 20 festival awards to date, from acting to cinematography to direction to best feature, the film has also been praised by esteemed publications like Rue Morgue, Horror Society, and UK Film Review, among others. The film is set for release on streaming platforms via Red Water Entertainment in 2024.

Not a company to slow down, Brimstone Pictures is parlaying its experience and creativity into its latest feature film, Contamination. A sci-fi horror thriller about a black ops team sent to destroy a remote secret lab harbouring a deadly virus, is set to film in 2024.

Beyond these projects, Brimstone has a full slate of films and scripts on the horizon – driven by each of its co-founders, who wear many hats throughout each project. As producer, gaffer, drone pilot, writer, and media specialist, Preston brings a collaborative spirit to the mix. With 20 years of filmmaking experience, David brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to his roles as director, editor, writer, music composer, and cinematographer. And Neil adds over 100 film and writing awards over multiple genres in his roles as chief writer, director, and actor.

Together, they are the engine that keeps Brimstone Pictures going, continuously learning and improving their crafts, and pushing the boundaries of storytelling and independent filmmaking. More than that, they strive to bring on board skilled cast and crew from all walks of life, who add to Brimstone’s success with their talent, diversity, and range. Each member’s dedication to their work is reflected in each positive press review and acclaim the company has received.

In a nutshell, Brimstone Pictures isn’t just a film production company; it’s a creative powerhouse in the making, driven by a passion for great storytelling. Its focus on well-made, low-budget, character-driven narratives, is what sets it apart. And if their track record is anything to go by, the future looks bright indeed!

The Brimstone Boys - Brimstone Pictures - Preston Ewasiuk, Neil Chase, David Heacock